Kapowwe Mystery Boneyard Box Review

By Brandon
June 11th, 2010

Editor’s Note: Please check the comments on this review to see what players have been receiving in more recent mystery boxes.  In other words: your results will vary.


Those of us who occasionally shop in American stores are bound to have seen this phenomena at some point;  The rise of the boneyard.  These boneyards allow a player to buy broken guns/retail returns at significantly reduced prices.  From their inception, boneyards have been a prime place for the handy airsofter to find cheap replacement parts and base guns for projects.

But since simply picking something and buying it without knowing its malady isn’t fun enough on its own, Some boneyards have introduced the concept of ‘The Mystery Box’, where the buyer places their order for a box of unknown glee, in hopes of coming out with a decent deal on whatever they get.  The first boneyard box I was ever aware of is the $100 Mystery Boneyard Box from Kapowwe.  I’ve occasionally also seen boxes on Airsoftgi and Evike, however I’m choosing to focus this review on the Kapowwe box.  Given my experiences in the past (having ordered a few each of ALL of the available mystery boxes over my airsofting days), Kapowwe has typically provided the best value for the $100 you lay down, and as such I would think would be the most interesting thing to look at.

So with that said, I plunked down $120 (Unfortunately, Kapowwe does not have a free ground shipping program), sat on my hands and waited.  In 3 days (Ordered on a Sunday, received on a Wednesday night, with Fedex Ground no less!), this large brown cardboard box was waiting for me in my apartment after coming home from work.  According to the shipping label, the box weighed just over 55 pounds as delivered.

I know at this point, the suspense should be killing you (It was killing me anyways!), so lets dig into the box and see where our $100+Shipping took us.

The Unboxing:

Items 1& 2: JG Sig 552

Lining the top of the box, I found the JG Sig 552 pictured above.  This is a Cybergun branded example, and as such is covered in engraved Sig 552 Trademarks.  These are relatively decent metal-gearbox AEGs, that push between 350 and 400 FPS out of the box with .2g BBs.  The first Sig (pictured above) pulled out of the box appeared used, but in good condition with minor scuffs and wear, and a slightly wobbly stock, but when given a battery, the gun turned over perfectly.  It also fed from a spare magazine I’ve had around just fine, so the gun seems to be in good shape.

I received another JG 552 in the box, missing the rear site drum, and with a bad stock latch, but was otherwise fine mechanically.

Also, the boxed Sig was missing a body pin.

Item 3:  KWC GBB M9 2-Tone

This appears to be one of KWC’s early attempts at a gas blowback design.  The trigger mechanism on this doesn’t work, and disassembly on this one isn’t straightforward, as it is a particularly high end gun.

Also, like most boneyard guns, this came without a mag so we couldn’t test it if we made an attempt at fixing it.  As such, this may be a cool holster filler, but isn’t worth much more.

Item 4:  Cybergun P22 Springer

This appears to be a new in the retail-packaging Cybergun P22 Spring gun.  Not much to say here, but it is a brand new working springer.

Item 5: Chargers (Lots of them).

Ever need a Trickle charger?  How about 12?  This tangle of chargers came out of the box next, and oh what a glorious tangle it is.  12 China Chargers.  I haven’t broken out my voltmeter to see if these are working, but I always have people come up and ask if I have any spare chargers at my local field.  These will make fine giveaways to newbies who cant charge their own batteries.

Item 6:  Super Sling!

This is one of those cheap spring-clip slings.  Again, nothing really wrong with it, I just wouldn’t put an AEG on it as these tend to fail under weight.  But it works fine for slinging the P22 box, as seen on the left side of the above image.

Item 7.  Brown Box

The next thing I pulled out of the package was this rather innocuous looking brown box.  It was rather small, and didn’t look likely to contain anything particularly interesting, but this item gave credence to the old cliché of appearances deceiving.

On opening the box, I was greeted with a full metal C02 Gas Blowback PPk.  This appears to have been an early dealer sample of what was eventually marketed as the AE Homeland Defender.  The gun is quite solid, and hefty to boot.  Its no wonder that these were sold used for around $120 back when I started airsoft.  I haven’t seen many of these around recently, so I was shocked to see this in a plain brown box.  This copy appears to be a dealer sample/evaluation copy, based on the product spec sheet included in the box.  The gun was missing the screw in the grip that compresses the C02 Cartridge into place, but with a quick substitution from my parts bin, I had it working enough to test fire.  This thing is an absolute monster in the shooting department, consistently putting out between 430 and 450 FPS, and with noticeable recoil and report.  This is a temporary fix while I figure out something more permanent, as the C02 cartridge can still free itself and rocket from the side of the pistol grip, but this won’t be anything major to complete.  In the author’s mind this is the most interesting thing that came out of the box.

Item 8.  KWC Python Revolver

Reaching further, I pulled a KWC 6” Python from the box.  This is a relatively lightweight revolver made from ABS with a rubberized grip.  It also takes brass shells, which it included all six of.  It seems to be a relatively simple clone of the TM Python, with the gas reservoir stored in the grip, and the safety slider just behind the hammer.  On this particular example, the trigger was incorrectly assembled.  A few minutes later with a screwdriver it was back together and fully functional.  It should be noted that this gun is relatively complex inside with a number of smaller springs, and probably wouldn’t be something for a newbie to try and repair.  That aside, as long as care was taken not to lose the springs, this was a relatively easy fix for a working revolver.

Item 9.  WE P14.45

Again, as I delved into the packing peanuts, my hand grabbed a pistol, and I pulled it out to be greeted by a WE Doublestack 1911.  This was another relatively surprising find, and while giving it an initial stunned look-over, I noticed it wasn’t a Hi-capa as I had originally thought, but a replica of the Para Ordinance P14.45 Doublestack.  This is more interesting, as it comes with a full metal slide (as with most WE’s) and a full metal lower frame (which is refreshing in the sea of  Hi-capas out there).  This gun also included a C02 Magazine, which appeared fine aside from missing its baseplate.  After putting a CO2 cartridge in the magazine, and loading it into the gun, it test-fired just fine.  The shooting experience is significantly more fun than a Green-Gas variant of any WE pistol, and it was also relatively gas efficient.  This was another pretty excellent find in the box.

Items 10,11,12,13.  Cybergun Branded  Taurus 24-7 Gas Nonblowback

As I continued to dig, I stumbled on (You guessed it) more pistols.  I started pulling them out, and counted four complete Cybergun Taurus 24-7 Gas Nonblowback pistols.  These little things are pretty great for the skirmisher, due to the relative simplicity of the design.  They provide excellent gas efficiency, shot consistency, and Velocity (Typically 400+ for more than half of the magazine).  They also have a relative edge over more traditional C02 guns since the capsule is kept in the mag (as opposed to the pistol grip), so gas reloads aren’t the most painful thing in the world.  We received 2 black and 2 Clear 24/7s in our box, and aside from one stripped Magazine bottom, all of the guns were in perfect working order.

Item 14.  Cybergun/KWC Smith & Wesson M&P 40 C02 Nonblowback

Again, I pulled out a pistol and was greeted with the above M&P 40.  These were relatively interesting when they came out, and offer the same performance in a slightly more attractive packaging than the 24/7.  We noted mags were not interchangeable, but Kapowwe again included a magazine with the gun.  On test firing, this gun worked fine as well.

Item 15.Sig Pro 2022 .177 Pistol

Hey, awesome, its another KWC NBB!  But not so fast.  This one is .177 (Read as a real BB Gun-Do not point at friends or animals ever!), so really has minimal interest to an airsoft player.  It does seem to work, and if you’re a BB gun plinker it would be fun, but I haven’t found a use for it lately, so it currently adorns my desk.

Item 16.  Slingshot

This was a bit bizarre, but yes, its an orange slingshot.  Apply to airsoft as your imagination allows*; my vote is to use it as a tornado grenade launcher.  Or launch your moscarts across the room if you want, but that will be much less useful.

*Please don’t use your imagination, or try to adapt this to airsoft in any way.  Slingshots can inflict serious injury.

Item 17.  Mesh Trap

Not much to explain here.  This is useful as I shoot indoors from time to time for fun.  I fired my KWA G34 which chronos a relatively consistent 350 FPS into the trap and it effectively stopped the BBs, so its probably alright for AEG use.

Item 18. “Mini Mouse”

This, friends, is a radio.  It came from “Oneworld” to Kapowwe for some reason.  Kapowwe then saw it fit to bestow it upon me.  This feature packed device has settings for AM or FM & high AND low volume.  Those Alien-eye shaped buttons on the front?  The one on the left is Radio, On!,  and the one on the right is Autoseek.  I did make an attempt at using this on the bus to work one morning, noting the bus was enough of an interference to prohibit the reception of any radio station.  Its ok though, Oneworld.  You made me smile with your incredible simplicity (Even though it didn’t work…) and we’ll always have that.


Item 19. Vertical Foregrip

Again, not terribly much to say, but it did work perfectly, lock solidly to rails (which is more than I can say for Dboys Vertical Foregrips) and it doesn’t look half bad on my WE SCAR.  This was another good find in my opinion.

Item 20.  Water Balloon Launcher

As the slingshot’s larger brother, this thing was obligated to tag along.  Instead of Moscart grenades, if you have two friends, you could skip launching your moscart grenades across the room, start launching the propane cans used to fill them.  Be advised however, if you’re the misanthrope attempting to launch propane tanks from a huge slingshot, you probably don’t have enough friends to successfully use this.

Seriously kids, stick to water balloons, and don’t even try to apply this to airsoft.

Item 21.  VBalls

These appear to be felt balls that you shoot from your paintball gun at a velcro target to emulate playing Velcro Darts.  Why would you want to play Velcro darts you ask?  I’m unsure, but the guy on the box appears into it.

To be fair, these are new, and if you wanted to shoot your paintball gun inside, I’m sure these would come in handy.

Item 22.  BBs of all sorts!

In the box, I received an enormous bag of Paint BBs, and a half full container of .177 bbs.  I haven’t gotten a paint BB to break on impact, and they’re also relatively egg shaped, but these were freebies so I can’t be a critic here.

Items 23 and 24. Cyma Thompsons

Finally, making up the base of the box were two boxed Cyma Thompsons.  These were interesting back in the day when they first came out, as the only other option beforehand was a Marui, which ran $300+ new.  These came in allowing players to pick up appropriate WWII replicas, or a more interesting starter gun for about $150 shipped from overseas.  Then, they eventually made it to US retailers, eliminating expensive overseas shipping and making them even more reasonable.  A Marui Thompson was my Third AEG, and I have had a few of these CYMAs (Including one weathered by my good friend Guinness, See his weathering guide here), and am comfortable saying that the CYMAs are pretty good value for money compared to a TM.

Onto the actual guns I received, and the first one was… a challenge.  These guns’ barrels are jointed to the receiver using a thin metal collar and two grub screws.  If you don’t follow that, the short of it is that the gun is fragile at the joint between the receiver and the barrel.  The gun turns over flawlessly however, and Mike and I already have plans to do a relatively interesting custom project with it, so stay tuned.

The second gun was solid externally, and when I pulled the trigger I was greeted with a familiar “SCREEEEECH”.  The motor height was off.  A few quick turns on the motor height grub screw got the motor seated properly, and we had a second functioning Thompson.


So lets recap, because we discussed a lot up there.

Working Guns:

  • 2x Cybergun/JG SG552
  • 2x Cybergun/Cyma Thompson
  • 4x Cybergun/KWC Taurus 24/7
  • Cybergun/KWC S&W M&P40
  • KWC 6″ Python
  • WE Hicapa
  • Springer P22
  • Brown Box/Homeland Defender
  • P22 Springers

Nonworking Guns:

  • KWC PT92

Airsoft Related Accessories:

  • Vertical Grip
  • Supa Sling
  • Paintball BBs
  • Indoor Target
  • Bundle of Chargers

Entertaining Irrelevance:

  • .177 BB gun and BBs
  • VBalls
  • Slingshot
  • Waterballoon Cannon
  • Mini Mouse

So, summarized, I got A LOT of stuff for $120.  And as you can see from the working guns column, I got some relatively decent stuff.  I got 4 working metal-gearbox AEGs, and while one Thompson is going to require some work, its really an opportunity to get creative.  On top of that, I got a pile of gas handguns, that worked with little or no effort at all on my part.  The working guns alone are worth easily double, or potentially triple what I paid, not even accounting for all the other stuff.

As to whether I would recommend purchasing one, I’d say its pretty hands down.  Kapowwe appears to make good on their promise to reward purchasers of the box, by the pile of loot listed above.  If you’re a younger player starting a team, or need a bulk of working guns on the cheap, this is for you.  Most of the guns required minimal work, so you don’t have to be super-technical to get your money’s worth here.

The Final Word

These things are fun to unpack, Kapowwe takes care to give decent stuff out, and at $120 shipped, its pretty hard to beat.  I’ll certainly be back for a few more boxes.

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  • please leave the website address

  • how do you buy these and please reply soon

  • I bought one of these a couple weeks ago and got 2,000 .12 bb’s, a mask, and a brand new cybergun AK-47, and after firing 20 shots, the gearbox fried. SO for $120 (with shipping) I got some bb’s that are useless, a crappy foam mask, and a broken AK-47 that will cost more to fix than I paid for the box. I have emailed them and told them how disappointed I am, and they will not reply. They also wouldn’t post my review on their website. I will not be shopping from kappowwe again unless they do something.

  • if anyone else finds a good source for boneyard air soft please post it

  • the link to chairsoft’s review is no longer on the kapowwe boneyard web page.

  • i don’t know if the boxes will get better or stay the same. my guess is that the boxes will be lame from this point on. the weight for the boneyard box used to be listed at 25 lbs and the lightest box i got was 35 lbs. there was no talk about oversized boxes, having to over estimate weight etc. now with the disclaimer

    “Note: Weight of shipment will not be 30 lbs. Mystery boxes are often shipped in oversized boxes which incur additional shipping fees. We must estimate a higher weight for this reason.”

    this tells me that the days of a box full of guns is over. until i see good reviews again i will not order another box

  • whats happening does any one think they’ll get more stuff for the mystery boxes? or will they be done for good

  • Here’s an update on the 3 boxes that I ordered that were all the same (1 famas, 1 pistol, some novelties). I waited a business week for a reply, but didn’t get one so I sent another email over the weekend and heard back from them the next friday. I was beginning to wonder when I’d hear from kapowwe, but I’m pretty patient usually and just waited.

    Basically they told me that they always guarantee over $100 in product and that they did send me 3 separate mystery boxes. They agreed that these were not their best mystery boxes, as well as compared to my past experience. I was refunded $100 to my credit card (received within 24 hours) and thanked for my continued business.

    All things considering, they were pretty polite and I’d say, dealt with it fairly. Even though I got about 30 lbs of items in total for 3 boxes, requesting a refund for 2 of the boxes would be quite impractical. In the worst case they could have done nothing about it. So in the end I have 2 clear, 1 black famas, 3 spring pistols, and 3 sets of novelties for $250.

    Over than a little time waiting for an email, I’m glad they took care of it pretty easily with minimal effort needed on my end.

  • has anyone found out what is going on.

  • i forgot to add that i got a paintball gun, 1 bag of ammo and another clown mask along with the rest of the stuff. the weight came in at 20.4 lbs

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