Tales of Woe: Tanaka HiPower Review

There’s nothing in this world more disappointing than your first time owning and trying to skirmish a Tanaka.  If you’ve not yet experienced this particular phenomenon in airsoft, read my review of the Tanaka Browning HiPower MkIII to get a little taste for yourself.

KSC M93r Auto 9c Review Posted

Hi All,

Recently I remembered I’m an author at an airsoft website.  Really, I’m sorry about that.  I got lost on my way to a Saturday trip to the DMZ in late April and only recently found my way back to Denver, escaped the resultant dissociative fugue, and began to recall my past life.  Also, I think I’m over mileage on my lease now (…f***).

No, there I go lying again.  Mike and I have been on hiatus.  I’d be lying if I said either of us had a reason (actually I’m lying to you there too, Mike made up a reason but I don’t really have an excuse), but I’m back and I’ve written an article for you!  Disappointingly, its of a hard-to-find collectors piece, but take it where you can get it I suppose.  Follow this link, or click the image below to redirect to the KSC M93r Auto 9c Review, by yours truly.

Expect more from us soon, we hope we’re out of our slump.

We’ve missed you!

The Kapowwe Saga: What we know to date

When I started seeing some of the commentary in the Kapowwe boneyard review taking a downturn, I wanted to do some research on the subject.  While the its taken me some time to get the article done (I started this article 2 months ago), we got some good info and managed to get Kapowwe to respond.  We also had a reader review their most recent box as an update to our own review.  Have a look at the articles below if you’re following the unfolding Kapowwe Mystery Box drama (But beware, these are large text driven articles, as its hard to take photos of sentiments and inquiry).

The Kapowwe Saga:  Our research to date

The New Kapowwe Mystery Box:  A Reader Review

Also, if you have anything else you wish to contribute to either of these articles, email me at Brandon@chairsoft-press.com and I will do my best to make these ‘living articles’.

All the best, and expect some new reviews so0n, as I’ve clawed out of the deep dark depths of the accounting busy season, and am ready to write some more crap for you all.

G&P U.S. Navy Mk.23 mod.0 (Stoner 63A)

News on the review front, looks like our friend Andy recently purchased and reviewed the newly released G&P Stoner 63.

Click the image below to Check out Andy’s review!

G&P Mk.23 mod.0

Better Late Than Never – WE SCAR Light Review

We’ve finally gotten around to posting our review (well, Brandon’s review, with copious tech comments by yours truly) of the gas blowback WE SCAR-L.  No, this isn’t a review of the newer open bolt model, just the standard ‘brass-tube-in-ejection-port’ closed bolt version.  Who ever accused us of being timely?

Guarder – King Arms M16A2 Reviewed

We have a propensity to be interested in 1: strange things, 2: cheap things.  The Guarder-King Arms M16A2 qualifies as both.  It’s a hybrid of Guarder externals and King Arms externals.  Now, most people would expect a gun to be built the other way around, since Guarder is best known for its upgrade parts and King Arms for its replicas with excellent externals.  Read the review to find out our take on this gun.